The Circus We Are
Stichting Kunstboek, 2022
ISBN 9789058566881

Sasha Frolova. Fontes amoris
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Maier Publishing, 2020
ISBN 978-5-91611-105-7

Jan Fabre. Loyalty and Vanity 
Gallery 604, 2019

Jan Fabre. The Man Who Measures the Clouds (Monument to the Measure of the Immeasurable)
Linda and Guy Pieters Foundation, 2019

The Monastic Contract (with Jenke Van den Akkerveken)
Crossroads of contemplation. Artworks by Jan Fabre in public spaces in Belgium – a selection
in: The Monastic Performance – The Mystic Contract – The Ecstatic Recording. Jan Fabre in the Sint-Augustinus Church in Antwerp
Mercatorfonds, 2018
NL (ISBN 978-94-6230-242-6)
EN (ISBN 978-94-6230-243-3)

Performance Art: The Raft of Renaissance
in: The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely
Lannoo Publishers, 2017
NL (ISBN 978-94-0144-860-4)
EN (ISBN 978-94-0144-861-19)

The Artist/Knight
Hannibal publishing, 2017
NL (ISBN 978-94-9267-708-2)
EN (ISBN 978-94-9267-709-9)

in: Jan Fabre. Knight of Despair / Warrior of Beauty
The State Hermitage Museum
éditions SKIRA, 2016
EN (ISBN 978-2-37074-051-9)

The Power of Imagination
in: Jan Fabre. Spiritual Guards
FORMA Edizione, 2016
EN (ISBN 978-88-99534-14-1)
IT (ISBN 978-88-99534-13-6)

Crossroads of contemplation.
Artworks by Jan Fabre in the public space in Belgium – a selection

in: Jan Fabre. The man who bears the cross
in the cathedral of our lady in Antwerp
Mercatorfonds, 2015
NL (ISBN 978-94-62301-08-5)
FR (ISBN 978-94-62301-09-2)
EN (ISBN 978-94-62301-108)

Jan Fabre. Facing time
in: Facing time. Rops / Fabre
Somogy éditions d’art, 2015
NL (ISBN 978-2-7572-0944-0)
FR (ISBN 978-2-7572-0924-0)
EN (ISBN 978-2-7572-0966-0)