Campari Red Passion Gallery

The Twist of Thirst…

07.07.2021 - 31.12.2021

Thirst... the impulse of a basic human need (drinking) but also: the desire, the passionate, unstoppable pull towards something… beyond the graspable. The itching, twisting, turning desire to create runs through the artist's veins. A single twist in this electric, vital feeling can be a spark to new arteries in their visionary mind. For the artist, acting on this pulse comes as naturally and desperately as breathing. The thirst is what drives them, makes them walk, dance, twist, jump, run, ride, flow, fly... The thirst thrives on the rhythm of the blood, the beat of the heart, the dance of passionate creation.

The three selected artists float on the thirst for creating, they bring a new twist to art: Oona Bovri, Nick Ervinck, Homa Arkani.

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