Ostend, several locations

The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely

22.10.2017 - 15.04.2018

A raft is a means of transport, a means to save lives, a place of isolation, reflection, doubt, insight and encounter. It symbolizes a voyage with a set destination or an adventurous quest without such destination. As a symbol, a raft is susceptible to a variety of interpretations. Call it also a metaphor for the ecstasy art has to offer.

The second edition of the Ostend Triennale takes its starting point in Théodore Géricault Radeau de la Méduse (1818-1819) and Jan Fabre’s Art Is (Not) Lonely (1986). Against the panorama of the North Sea and across the fabric of the city, 73 artists share their creations. Their works are often characterized by dualism, though quiet seclusion and social involvement are equally important.

The dramaturgy of the exhibition is anchored in the concept of crossing borders. Several artists are also active in the world of film, theatre and performance. Existing work and 52 new creations are on view at more than twenty familiar or unexpected places. Furthermore, over fifteen artists will present a unique performance.

De zee vzw (non-profit organisation)

Mu.ZEE and several other locations in Ostend.

Curators: Joanna De Vos & Jan Fabre