SEEN presents:

Curated by Laura Adams

Petrovsky & Ramone. Our Kisses

18.07.2019 - 21.09.2019

“A desire to unite, instead of divide”

The touch or press of the lips as an expression of affection, love, greeting, or reverence.

The ease of sharing the kiss, the significance of receiving the kiss.

Artist duo Petrovsky & Ramone present an installation around the themes of Love and Connection, a desire to unite, instead of divide – curated by Laura Adams at SEEN in Antwerp.

With the use of visual and digital art they will build a world of unconditional love across borders, genders, race and sexes. The core element of the installation is a visual reminder that we are all connected, all ONE, not by the self-implied restrictions of our ‘social’ media, but by blind love that binds us all.

The act of kissing
While giving a kiss can be done for multiple purposes, the underlying intention of the act is mostly related to feelings of love, affection and connection. While the act of a kiss is something very personal, it is often judged by the public. Some societies do not accept the freedom of sharing a kiss. Some allow the kiss, but not between all types of people. We are all humans searching for acceptance and protection. To be united with ‘the whole’. Searching for the greater connection. Why can’t it be as easy as a kiss?