SEEN presents:

Markus Raetz. Kopflose Mühle

27.09.2019 - 02.12.2019

So often our vision plays tricks on us: you think you see someone you know from the corner of your eye. You turn and blink, and the person is gone. Was what you saw real or just a play of the light, or even a whim of your imagination? There is no way of knowing for sure.

This September SEEN welcomes the installation Kopflose Mühle (1993-2002) by Swiss artist Markus Raetz. It is remarkable that, despite being arguably one of the most important contemporary artists in Switzerland, his works have rarely ever been seen in Belgium. This ‘headless mill’ has only seldomly been on public display.

Probably the most important part of Raetz’s work is the viewer. One’s perception of Kopflose Mühle changes depending on one’s position; not only does the installation move by itself, it also changes according to the viewer’s movement. The relation of each viewer to the work is unique.

SEEN – a small yet flexible space – offers a multitude of possible perspectives from which to view this work. Most obviously, the visitor can move around the piece inside the space. Another perspective is offered from the outside, where you can see the work from different angles, as well as the play of light and shadow projected onto the white walls. As dictated by the concept of the art space, the installation will be running day and night. A nighttime viewing offers yet another experience, since at this time the installation itself becomes the primary source of light.

This project was made possible thanks to: Private collection, courtesy of Wilde Gallery, Geneva.