Sofia, Bulgaria, SAMCA

Jan Fabre. There is no escape from art

22.03.2019 - 28.04.2019

This is the first solo exhibition of Belgian artist Jan Fabre in Bulgaria. He is one of the most important visual and theatre artists of his generation. Jan Fabre was the first living artist to receive a large-scale solo exhibition at one of the world’s most important museums: the Louvre. The exhibition 'There is no escape from art’ at the Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art presents a unique ensemble of performance / film, drawings, photography, and sculptures in which the search for an understanding of the identity of the artist, and the identity of art, are questioned. The self-portrait and the ‘disappearance in many appearances’ of the artist are its starting point. For the first time creations linked to Fabre’s historical exhibition and performance at the Louvre in particular are brought together.


Busan, South-Korea, Gallery 604 and Project B6

Jan Fabre. Loyalty and Vanity

14.12.2018 - 28.02.2019

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  • Photo © Phak Sangyong

The Hague, The Mesdag Collection

The Sensation of the Sea – In Honour of Bas Jan Ader

13.09.2018 - 06.01.2019

For The Sensation of the Sea, guest curator Joanna De Vos has invited several international artists to engage in a dialogue with The Mesdag Collection. These contemporary artists are captivated by the grandeur and tempestuousness of the ocean. The attraction of the sea is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for them, a ‘battery for the imagination’.

Trailer 'The Sensation of the Sea. In Honour of Bas Jan Ader'

Watch this beautiful trailer for 'The Sensation of the Sea. In Honour of Bas Jan Ader', featuring an excerpt of Julius von Bismarck​'s excellent video piece 'Punishment #6: Ocean'. The opening at De Mesdag Collectie​ in The Hague is coming closer! Mark September 14th in your agenda!Participating artists: Nelly Agassi​, Ruben Bellinkx, Ansuya Blom, Elke Andreas Boon​, Dirk Braeckman​, Stijn Cole​, Thierry De Cordier, Wim Delvoye​, Jan Dibbets​, Jan Fabre​, Nan Goldin​, David Horvitz, oda jaune​, Sigalit Landau​, Enrique Marty​, Merelle Fabien​, Johan Muyle, Katie O'Hagan, Ahmet Ogut​, Hans Op de Beeck​, Mikes Poppe​, Enrique Ramirez, Lonnie Van Brummelen, Hans van Houwelingen​, Yves Velter, Viola, Bill​, Jorinde Voigt​, Julius von Bismarck​, Andy Wauman​.

Posted by Joanna De Vos - art historian and curator on Thursday, 16 August 2018

Sicily, several locations

Jan Fabre. Ecstasy & Oracles

06.07.2018 - 04.11.2018

Locations include Duomo di Monreale and Valle Dei Templi Agrigento

Ostend, several locations

The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely

22.10.2017 - 15.04.2018

A raft is a means of transport, a means to save lives, a place of isolation, reflection, doubt, insight and encounter. It symbolizes a voyage with a set destination or an adventurous quest without such destination. As a symbol, a raft is susceptible to a variety of interpretations. Call it also a metaphor for the ecstasy art has to offer.

The second edition of the Ostend Triennale takes its starting point in Théodore Géricault Radeau de la Méduse (1818-1819) and Jan Fabre’s Art Is (Not) Lonely (1986). Against the panorama of the North Sea and across the fabric of the city, 73 artists share their creations. Their works are often characterized by dualism, though quiet seclusion and social involvement are equally important.

The dramaturgy of the exhibition is anchored in the concept of crossing borders. Several artists are also active in the world of film, theatre and performance. Existing work and 52 new creations are on view at more than twenty familiar or unexpected places. Furthermore, over fifteen artists will present a unique performance.

De zee vzw (non-profit organisation)

Mu.ZEE and several locations in Ostend.

For more information please contact Pieter Hens, Marketing & Press Manager Oostende, or +32 (0)59 70 11 99

  • Jan Fabre, Art is not Lonely, mixed technique, 70 x 35 x 85 cm, photo : Lieven Herreman, 
© Angelos

    Jan Fabre, Art is not Lonely, mixed technique, 70 x 35 x 85 cm, photo : Lieven Herreman, 
© Angelos

  • Katie O'Hagan, Life Raft, oil on canvas, 115 x 152 cm, 2011. ©Katie O'Hagan.

  • Fabien Mérelle, Radeau de Fortune, ink and watercolour on paper, 35 x 45 cm, 2016. ©Fabien Mérelle.

  • Théodore Géricault, Le radeau de la Méduse (fourth study , ‘Bessonneau-study’), 1819-20, oil on canvas, 37,5 x 51,5 cm, © Angers, Musée des Beaux-Arts

    Théodore Géricault, Le radeau de la Méduse (fourth study , ‘Bessonneau-study’), 1819-20, oil on canvas, 37,5 x 51,5 cm, © Angers, Musée des Beaux-Arts

Gaasbeek Castle

The Artist/Knight

11.07.2017 - 05.11.2017

International group exhibition of modern artistry as a 'legacy' of knightly ideals.

‘The Artist/Knight’ is a tribute to the poetic figure of chivalry who gallops out of the mists of romance. The tragic-heroic warrior who falls and rises again, who conquers, rescues, defends, protects, seeks and meets expectations in the sight of his visor.

'The Artist/Knight' defines the knight as conceived in the mind, body and limbs of the contemporary artist. A number of works by modern artists (including Lovis Corinth, James Ensor and Lucio Fontana) reflect the historic embedding of the theme. Chess games, never exhibited before in Belgium, by e.g. Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and Yoko Ono, embody the progressiveness of the artist/knight: the will for movement and change, the genesis of a different vision on the world.

With work by Marina Abramović, Uldus Bakhtiozina, Horia Damian, Robert Devriendt, Davide Dormino, Jan Fabre, Laurent Grasso, Phil Griffin, Oda Jaune, Kubra Khademi, Meiro Koizumi, Pere Llobera, Kris Martin, Jonathan Meese, Fabien Mérelle, Benjamin Moravec, Eleni Mylonas, Luigi Ontani, Antonis Pittas, Quiet Ensemble, Gabriel Roca, Rob Scholte, Adeela Suleman, Hannelore Van Dijck, Hans Van Houwelingen, Marko Velk, Antonello Viola, voorforvaastfanclub and Andy Wauman.

'The Artist/Knight' book by Hannibal Publishing is available from July 11

Gaasbeek Castle, Kasteelstraat 40, 1750 Lennik (Gaasbeek), +32 (0)2 531 01 30 

For more information please contact Marieke Debeuckelaere, +32 (0)2 531 01 45 or

  • Andy Wauman, Knight Chest, 2016

    Andy Wauman, Knight Chest, 2016 © Andy Wauman

  • Jan Fabre, filmstill from Lancelot, 2004, 16mm film, 9 min © Angelos

    Jan Fabre, filmstill from Lancelot, 2004, 16mm film, 9 min © Angelos

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